Who we are

The project Re-present has been conceived by two people united in the vision that social awareness and the conviction that it is everybody’s mission to collaborate in making the world a better place. This is how Re-present arose, with the goal of giving a quality service to the client at the same time as allowing collaboration with charitable causes. Everyone can actively contribute to social, economic and environmental improvement. Social responsibility concerns all and re-present makes it easier for businesses and individuals to be able to give quality charitable products. Chose the charity work you prefer and Re-present will send 15% of the income to the project you have decided on. It is everybody’s duty to fight for a better world…… Give the gift of life!

And there is nothing better for giving the gift of life than to surprise with Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, specially selected each olive harvest. We offer different varieties of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) from early harvests, with all of the qualities inherent in this wonderfully healthy product.