Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has become a staple of the Mediterranean Diet, the cultural and spiritual heritage of humanity.
It’s synonymous with health in whichever part in the world. The scientific research which demonstrates its benefits in combating life threatening illnesses such as cancer are becoming all the time more numerous.

Through their experts Re-PRESENT selects the best olive oils in the world, at their optimum moment for consumption. Picking small consignments in oil mills where they develop innovative techniques of production routed in obtaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality at the same time as helping in the conservation of the rural environment. In every olive season we analyse the quality of each variety, the best moment to harvest, so as to offer the client the best possible product. We offer the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils from each country so they may enjoy the tastes of the world.

All of our oils come from world class, award winning oil mills which guarantees the quality of their Extra Virgin Olive Oils and therefore the complete satisfaction of the end client.

PICUAL (SPAIN – Jaén, Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla)

An intense oil of green fruitiness with highlights in taste and aroma of tomato plant and fig tree lending itself a light green hue. It’s a variety of oil somewhat spicy and bitter with notes of wood. Due to it’s large quantity of antioxidants and polyphenols it’s a well balanced and stable product resistant to oxidation. Ideal with salads, fried food, marinated meat and game, sausages, cheeses and slow cooked stews.

ARBEQUINA (SPAIN – Cataluña y Aragón)

An oil of Palestinian origin, with an intense yellow hue, medium fruitiness and an aroma of almonds and toasted nuts. Sweet notes like ripe apple and banana dominate in the mouth. Bitter features and very smooth spiciness. For it’s smoothness and delicacy it combines perfectly with fish, seafood, fruit salads and mayonnaise.

CORNICABRA (SPAIN – Toledo, Ciudad Real, Extremadura, Jaén)

Aromatic fruity oils, showing average values of bitter and spice. Remarkably balanced between sweetness at the beginning and greenness of tomato plant at the end. Very stable due to it’s high content of oleic acid and polyphenols. Roast lamb, suckling pig, lightly fried food, bread from the bakery and ceviches.

HOJIBLANCA (SPAIN – Sevilla, Córdoba, Málaga)

With golden hues and a smooth taste. Sweet notes at the start and a light spiciness in the throat at the end. Highlights in the after taste are of almond but without a doubt the most highlighted notes are fresh grass and fruitiness like apple or banana. Aimed at enhancing the taste of meat carpachos, hot and cold soups, blue fish and vegetable preserves.


An elegant and perfumed oil. With a complex aroma and taste of fresh fruit, tomato plant and green apple. Smoothly spicy, presenting at the end a pleasant bitter sensation.


An intense aroma of fresh grass and green apple characteristic of this variety. In the mouth, tastes of green olive, well balanced between a mild spiciness and a smooth bitterness, ending in a complex, pleasant lasting taste.


Well balanced and resistant to oxidation. Intensely fruity with a diverse aromatic range. With predominating features of tomato plant, freshly cut grass, artichoke and green almonds that evolve into a bitter tone and finish with a very pronounced spiciness, leaving a pleasant memory of bitter almonds and nuts. Ideal for dressing beef, chicken, salmon, tuna, pizza, artichokes, broccoli, tomato and salads of fruit and wild mushrooms.


A medium to intense fruitiness of green olives, with aromas of green hazelnuts and tomato plants. It has overtones of banana, kiwi, artichoke, green tomato and spearmint. Lasting and well balanced with intense bitter and spicy touches. The perfect complement to sea food appetizers, grilled vegetables, cuttlefish and fresh goats cheese.

KORONEKI (GREECE – Isla de Creta y Suroeste del Peloponeso)

Rich in oleic acid, polyphenols and bitter compounds which lengthen lifespan and make it very well balanced. It has an intense green fruitiness predominantly of olive leaves and artichoke. There’s a great balance between bitterness and medium grade spiciness. Astringent in the mouth due to it its green notes. Works well as a dressing for grilled red meats, stews, asparagus and mature cheese.


Intensely fruity with a vegetable character in with appear tomato plant, fresh herbs and artichoke flowers. It has overtones of yeast, nuts and some spices. A slightly noticeable bite and mild fresh mint bitterness. A magnificent option for salads, pickles, ratatouilles and casseroles.