choose your national or international charitable project

Because quality and charity aren’t at odds with each other, Re-present, moved by the conviction that social responsibility concerns everybody, will send, in the client’s name and without additional cost to them, 15 percent of the total amount to the charity projects which they chose in whichever place on the planet. We will advise your clients on the charity projects that we currently collaborate with. With Re-present you’ll surprise twofold by giving both quality and life.

personalization exclusive for companies and events

Re-PRESENT personalizes the products, adapting them to the needs and tastes of the client. Whether it’s company gifts or gifts for a special event, in our products you can include the logo or name of the client and whatever reference or text relative to the event in question. Likewise, if the client requires it, you could also include the logo of the foundation or association with which you are collaborating with.

specialized in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Through their experts Re-PRESENT selects the best olive oils in the world, at their optimum moment for consumption. Picking small consignments in oil mills where they develop innovative techniques of production routed in obtaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality at the same time as helping in the conservation of the rural environment. In every olive season we analyse the quality of each variety, the best moment to harvest, so as to offer the client the best possible product. We offer the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils from each country so they may enjoy the tastes of the world.